Celebrating 3 Years Cancer Free!

Three years.

That’s how long ago it’s been since I had surgery to remove the cancer growing in my body.

Today, I celebrate the anniversary of my surgery, thankfully leaving me in remission for the past three years. All that time, and I can’t escape it: I was a cancer patient. There’s been a lot of pain since I was diagnosed, there’s a lot I’ve had to cope with and there’s been a lot of time mulling over what my diagnosis means to me. But there’s also a lot I’ve learned. I’ve learned why I survived.

After surviving cancer Brina (on left) studied abroad in Spain

This week, I’m working with the UCF staff to hang a wall of small 8 x 8 canvases across our office wall. Each canvas is “in memory of,” “in honor of,” or “I’m a survivor.” Each of us had the opportunity to buy a canvas and decorate it with something meaningful to us. Many people wrote the names of loved one’s that have battled the big “c.” Others wrote out their prayers to heal those currently in their fight. If you would like to join our wall, please contact me at brina@ulmanfund.org for more information.

Purchase your UCF canvas today, by contacting Brina at brina@ulmanfund.org!

For my canvas, I decided to tell me people why I became a survivor.

I survived to go skydiving. I survived to study abroad. I survived to run a 5K. I survived to gamble in Las Vegas. I survived to go to a frat party. I survived to see the Raven’s win the Superbowl. I survived to visit all 7 continents. I survived to fly first class. I survived to ride a mechanical bull. I survived to try surfing. I survived to flirt with a stranger. I survived to ride in a hot air balloon. I survived to go scuba diving. I survived to have my first legal drink. I survived to learn to play an instrument. I survived to go salsa dancing. I survived to visit a volcano. I survived to experience an earthquake. I survived to learn sign language. I survived to go on a blind date. I survived to ride a skateboard.  I survived to shop with a personal shopper. I survived to visit a drive-in movie theater. I survived to do a service project in Africa. I survived to drive cross-country. I survived to take a glass blowing class. I survived to shoot clay. I survived to finish my classic novel list. I survived to eat crabs. I survived to kayak with my dad. I survived to cook with my mom. I survived to see my sister get married. I survived to graduate college. I survived to buy a house. I survived to have a job. I survived to fall in love.

I survived to live.


PS- My remission anniversary ironically falls on my parents’ wedding anniversary. Thank you both for supporting me throughout my life, especially today three years ago. Congratulations Mom & Dad on 30 years! I love you!

Brina (on far right) and her family enjoy a trip to Madrid, Spain

About The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.
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