Part Of The Team

People usually associate a curse word with the term “intern.” An intern is the office b*tch.

I’ve been the intern at UCF for the past month. And I’ve noticed something about this place: not once have I ever felt like the office b*tch. I feel like part of the team. I AM part of the team. I have a desk, my own extension line and my own personal business card. My first day consisted of being in a staff meeting and listening to all the projects swarming around the room. I was thrown in, and I actually love it.

Natalie, Christina and I have done our fair share of office clean up, inventory counting, and tedious envelope stuffing as interns. But when I think back on all those activities, we were never sitting there working these tasks alone.

Three weeks ago, we were asked to help unload the TEAM FIGHT van. And as the sky opened and the rain came, Brock stood there right next to us moving boxes, flyers and tents out of the car and up into the storage room. When Krissy asked us to create an inventory list, she was right there folding shirts and counting with us. Brian treats us to lunch, sitting with us and asking our opinion on his latest Half Full epiphany. There isn’t a day where I feel like my bosses are my bosses and I am the little minion. My voice is heard, my opinion is valued, and my thoughts become real projects.

Krissy works with UCF Intern, Christina on an inventory project.

I value how personal this office is. In May, when I nervously sat in the fishbowl of a conference room being interviewed by Brock, he asked me if I could travel anywhere, where would it be? He wanted to know me. He wanted to know my personality. In the past few weeks, I’ve watched a few others come through that conference room for interviews. And I’ve watched how every single person in the office has the opportunity to meet the potential newcomer. UCF ensures that he/she will fit with the staff, will mesh with the personalities and be able to morph with the casual flow of the office.

Too often are offices stuffy, boring and dull. Everyone walks around in bland colored suits and sits at their cubicle typing away in silence. Not here. Here you’ll find your casual color dress code with people throwing thoughts out into the open all day long. You’ll find a conference room with whiteboards covered in ideas, numbers and concepts. You’ll find your boss sitting next to you asking for your true, honest and blunt opinion.

I love working in this office. I love how I am part of the team. I love how each person is valued. And I never want this place to lose that drive.

Brina R. Furman
Summer Intern for UCF

About The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.
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