The 4K’s Quest to Find the True Value of Mankind

“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” – Moorish proverb

Our 2012 rides combined have traversed 22 states, traveled well over 6,000 miles, and have spent the last 35 days immersed in an experience that is unlike any other. They have climbed over mountains, crossed the Great Plains, and passed through countless corn, wheat, and soy fields.  Over the course of their travels, 4K riders have had the fortune of interacting with 1000’s of different people from all different walks of life.  Riders interact with members of the host communities that provide us with shelter, employees at restaurants from whom we ask for food donations, people from strawberry farms on the side of the road, and anyone who will talk to them.  Being exposed and living with so many people from so many backgrounds truly allows all 4K riders to learn of the true value of men and women.

I would love to add stories of the riders meeting great people or when they were helping out local charities on their off days, but my explanation would not do them justice.  Luckily for our readers, the riders have been writing about their experiences and sharing them through their blog posts on our website.  You can visit each rides page at the following web addresses:

Portland Ride-

San Francisco Ride-

Seattle Ride-

Please take some time to read (and comment on) some of these amazing posts.

All three 2012 rides are more than halfway complete with their cross-country voyage.  As they travel west they will climb over the Rockies and continue to see amazing sights and meet amazing people.  The more they travel, the more clear the true value of man will become.  In the previous 10 years, and up until this point of the 2012 rides, it is almost always the case that the value of the most importance is kindness.  The 4K riders are inspired to keep cycling because they are united by the kindness of those they meet.

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