What our volunteers mean to us…

It is National Volunteer Appreciation week and as the Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how much our volunteers mean to us at the Ulman Cancer Fund. Volunteers are so critical to our mission at the UCF, they help us with every aspect of our organization and every cog is so important to the wheel that  keeps us rolling…. Some of our most energetic and enthusiastic volunteers come from cancer survivors and their support networks whom other volunteers have helped! It is an awesome upward spiral!

We have such an amazing group of volunteers that continuously answer the (many) calls for action and sign up whenever we ask, without question. Whether it is speaking in front of hundreds or to a small group, using your graphic design talents, serving dinner at the Hope Lodge, setting up tents, or passing out water bottles at the Columbia Triathlon expo, or coming in to help in the office, every hour you spend helping the UCF supports our mission to support, educate, and connect young adults and their loved ones affected by cancer. We are so grateful that you choose to share your time, talents, and enthusiastic energy with us and can’t thank you enough!

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Enjoy the pictures of some of our volunteers in action, and please watch the video below from two awesome volunteers on our staff who are doing a year of service through Volunteer Maryland!

Cancer Changes Lives… and thanks to YOU, so do WE!

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