The Fight is Far From Over

The journey is over. Did it even happen? Three weeks in RVs and Vans running across AMERICA. When you say it out loud it sounds so IMPOSSIBLE, but we just did it.
So what else could be POSSIBLE… that we think is not?

There are so many layers to this thing. So many different directions I could take this. I could blog about this all year and not get to the bottom of how life changing it was for me. Before I left my friend Nicole suggested that I journal throughout the journey. I sat in the airport and tried… with nothing to say. How could I begin to ponder or fathom what was about to happen to me.

During the first week I said – many times – “I keep waiting for the deep thoughts to hit during my runs, but all I can think about is “insert random food items here”.”

As time went by the energy … physical and mental … ebbed and flowed for all of us. We watched as our bodies would be beat down only to come out the next day with extra energy and a kick in our step. We faced adversity with in ourselves and with in the group, but we came out the other side.

We embarked on this journey to raise funds and awareness… which we did. Sometimes we raised awareness by stirring the pot with the local authorities, but awareness is awareness right? What touched me the most during this journey were the sheer numbers of people we met along the way who had been touched by cancer in one way or another. The stories of tearful tales at the gas station, the man that gave his last twenty dollars when we know he didn’t have two to rub together, the ladies he worked with that gave the last dollars in their wallets, the people who requested our picture with their grand daughter’s flat Stanley, the reporter that had Hodgkins Lymphoma and Ellen who lost her husband some years ago. We touched these people’s lives. We let them know that people DO care about their struggles and that people still fight!

Ulman has stickers that say “Cancer changes lives, So do we.” I love this!

The fight is far from over. It turns out that this wasn’t about the run. It wasn’t about the physical and emotional discomfort we felt through our journey. It was that we shared that with all those that are fighting, have fought and will fight. During circle one morning my team mate Anne Moore said that in Catholic religion you can suffer FOR someone… thus taking some of their pain away. From that day forward that is what I tried to focus on. When I felt tired or in pain I soldiered on trying to shoulder the burden and take the pain away from someone else.

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As was said many times during our journey… if we made a positive impact on ONE person’s life through this process then it was 100% worth all of it.

The running wasn’t hard. Cancer is hard. Running is easy! There are many impossible things out there on the horizon for all of us, but are they really? Are they impossible… or do YOU just THINK they are.

Funds are still being raised. We want to reach our mark. We have another $60k to go! Please consider a contribution in honor of all of those that ARE suffering right now. That are facing challenges you can’t even begin to fathom. UCF can not HELP those people without donations from people like you.
– Laura Mount

Laura is a member of the Run Across America team and races for Revolution3 Triathlon’s amateur athlete age group team. She is also a spin instructor and an active mother of 2.  Follow her blog here:

About The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.
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2 Responses to The Fight is Far From Over

  1. Ryan Davis says:

    You definitely made a huge impact on my family’s life so it was 100% worth every step. Thank you so much for being a part of this and running a few miles for me. Forever grateful!

  2. Diana Ulman says:

    THANK YOU LAURA!!!!!!!! You have help so many people that you will never know – but they will know that a very special person cared!

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