It was Never About the Run

The resounding message I have continue to have in my mind and heart about the Run Across America was that it was never about a run.  This journey was about the people.

This journey was about:

  • Laura reading the story of Carlos, a young adult battling cancer who had to tell his 10-year-old that he had cancer.
  • Asking Mike to head out on the run 100+ miles in 6 days even though he was preparing to run the Boston Marathon a week later.
  • Having Eric keep us on track and reminding us that this “Was Not Hard” compared to what those who are battling cancer have to go through.
  • Learning of Zody’s story about resigning from her job to follow her passion.
  • One of our own, Rachel, willing to step in when numbers were low to support the team… no questions asked.
  • Kelsey, a young adult cancer survivor, sharing her camp songs in the van on a long and tiring midnight shift when we needed a giggle.
  • Getting to know Harmony who took time away from her family and husband Ryan who is in the middle of his FIGHT.  I still remember the tears and the hug as she boarded the plane back to WA.
  • Tearing up when I learned that Debbie and Senior stepped in and ran a few segments when the team needed more support.
  • Alyssa renting a car to drive to some random town in WV so she could meet up with the team and add some mileage without adding any burden to the team.
  • Seeing Meg not lose one ounce of energy before, during and after her time with the team.
  • Brock continuing to grab the yellow flag and make sure we kept focused on the mission.
  • Giving Ellen a hug when I finally had a chance to meet her.
  • Seeing Kiersten roll her ankle on her first day and remain with the team every step of the way.
  • Seeing Allan playing soccer with the kids after a long day of running.
  • Getting to know Pastor John and realizing the impact he has had on the Rev3 family and they on him.
  • Kati and Paul taking time away from a vacation to put miles in to support the team.
  • Sitting back and watching the team interact with communities and sharing with them the Mission of UCF.
  • Chris always being on hand to provide content for laughter no matter where we were.
  • Carter/Conrad/Colton/Carmine taking time out of his schedule to join us less than a week after leg surgery.
  • Amy, Meg and Kelsey leading the team to the finish line.
  • A young woman named Ashley who continued to educate me on a hourly basis.
  • Understanding Krista’s mothers battle.
  • Holding hands each day with people that we really didn’t know 3 weeks ago and sharing our inspiration through words and tears.
  • Seeing Mike join in again on the run on the dirt back roads outside of Blacksburg because he wanted to help us out.
  • Sharpie always willing to do “something” to make us laugh when we needed it.
  • Jay grabbing the camera to make sure that everyone was well represented and working to keep the website update in his “free” time.
  • Knowing that when it was time to stop, eat and rest that Debbie, Senior and Chris would be there waiting with open arms.

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This was never about running and I am so thankful to everyone that was involved in this journey.  It has truly left a mark in my heart and I am still working to understand the magnitude.  This has truly enhanced my appreciation for the great lengths that people will go for others.  True selfless acts and I am so proud to call these people friends!

About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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1 Response to It was Never About the Run

  1. Diana Ulman says:

    Thank you Brian, not only for your poignant note that gives us all a powerful glimpse of how inspiring the run was, but also for working so hard to plan the event, to assure every detail worked, to implement and coordinate all the plans and to empower so many people to participate in so many ways – actually or virtually !!! Congratulations!!!

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