Why We Run

In the dark of the night, (11pm on Monday March 26th to be exact) our team gathered in a circle around our bags on the side of the road in Brawley, CA. I don’t know much about Brawley, but it was the host of our 8 hour layover between runs and was the stage for the next 8 hours we would be running through the California valley. As we prepared to start the second leg of our Run Across America (Mile 150-200), our team was carrying out an activity that has become a tradition along this epic journey – our dedication circle. Borrowed from a tradition started by 4K for Cancer (www.4kforcancer.org), each morning or night before our runs we hold hands in a closed circle and share who we’re dedicating our run to that day – why we’re running! The circles bring smiles, laughs, and tears. Most importantly, they remind us why we’re running 3,080 Miles over the next 21 days.

Today I dedicated my work to two amazing people and groups. 1) My mom Marilyn Yetso who ran out of time to cancer 11 years ago this month and 2) The amazing team of people that have committed their time and hearts to participate in this cancer crushing journey!

Other dedications included a teammate that lost her mom to cancer when she 14, two teammates whose friends are currently battling cancer and the lady we newly met the day before at our hotel that is a breast cancer celebrating her sons arrival back home from Afghanistan. The list goes on and will continue to go on over the next 21 days.

Over the next 3 weeks a group of 20 or so people will take time away from their jobs, families, and lives to run up to 25 miles a day to support the work of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Within that group, eight of these people have committed to run the entire 21 days! It’s just downright amazing and inspiring.

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I’m personally humbled to be a part of this journey and our organization is ecstatic to have a partner in Rev 3 Tri to include us in this effort. Over the next three weeks I look forward to sharing many days and miles with this amazing group and I encourage you to do the same. If you’re at all inspired by this effort and/or believe in the fight against cancer, please consider showing your support. I can promise you there is no other fundraising effort going on right this second that is more deserving.

To make a donation please visit www.rev3tri.com

The efforts of a small few people can truly change the world and this run is just another example of that.

So long for now, gotta run, but I look forward to sharing more thoughts from the road.

Cancer changes lives…so do WE!

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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