UCF Launches New Young Adult Support Group in Baltimore Office

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF) and our Young Adult Patient Navigation program continues to grow, not only providing services and support in the cancer centers where UCF navigators work, but expanding our reach to touch young adults affected by cancer in all of the communities we serve.

I am excited that we’ll be initiating a monthly support group in our Baltimore offices on Wednesday, April 4, from 6:30-8:00.  This will be a psycho-educational support group for young adults affected by cancer (currently in treatment or post-treatment) in their 20’s + 30’s, with a variety of educational sessions and support activities.  Anyone interested will be asked to complete a very short form prior to participating, so that we’ll know the individual cancer experience of each participant and be able to respond to particular interests.

UCF has begun publishing a monthly newsletter with updates on our various support services available to young adults affected by cancer in the Baltimore, Howard County, and Washington D.C. areas.  Information about these programs and services is also available on our website at ulmanfund.org and click on “Cancer Support” and then “Local Support Groups.”

It is our hope that through these various initiatives, we will reach a greater number of young adults affected by cancer and connect them to the resources they need. Our unique network of Patient Navigators, health professionals, cancer survivors, caretakers, and passionate volunteers are looking forward to engaging and supporting more individuals and families this year than ever before.  Help us support, educate, and connect more young adults affected by cancer!  We welcome your input on how we can improve current programs and ideas for new initiatives.

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