Public Allies

As many of you know, I am finishing up a year of service through Volunteer Maryland. Volunteer Maryland is an AmeriCorps program that pairs a volunteer coordinator with a nonprofit to help build or to create new programs that will help grow the volunteer force. I have really enjoyed my year and all the people I have met and all the wonderful partnerships that have developed.

I have learned a great deal more about all the amazing programs under the AmeriCorps banner and have talked with many other people who are doing a year of service in the other programs.

Yesterday, I was able to see another aspect of AmeriCorps when I went to the Public Allies Matching Fair with Brock and Elizabeth. It was a completely different experience from Volunteer Maryland. In a way, all the Allies were there to see what organizations were there and talk to as many as they could. We also were meeting a lot of very accomplished young adults and trying to see who would be a great fit for UCF.

The Ally position we are recruiting for is a Young Adult Advocate. This person will be helping our economically disadvantaged clients navigate the health services system. They will also be working very closely with the patient navigators in Baltimore to help expand the program.

In a way, it was like sort of like speed dating. We would get little intros from each interested Ally and write down what we liked and who stood out. We then put business cards in envelopes of our top picks and then had to go back to our table to wait for the candidates to come to us to schedule interviews. Talk about intense!

Fast forward to today and we have begun the interviewing process. We have narrowed the pool down to our top contenders. It has been an interesting process and I am excited to see who we get matched with for next year.

About Ashley Portrey

Volunteer Coordinator, AmeriCorps member, tennis player, Thanatologist, volunteer, and bargain shopper. Loves anything green, red skittles, tennis, and traveling.
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1 Response to Public Allies

  1. macarthura says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a “Partner Organization” at our matching fair! Also — congrats on finishing up your year of service!

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