Cancer to 5K – NOVA/DC Team

Ulman Cancer Fund Cancer to 5K Participants

This past Sunday June 5, 2011 our NOVA/DC Cancer to 5K Team took to the streets of Bethesda to run their end of the season goal race, the Capital Crescent 5K.  Some of the participants shared their thoughts on the race, season, the program and their life after the last 12 weeks:

“So.  It’s 9:40 on Sunday and I am at my desk at work.  Being at work isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t suck too bad because I just ran a great race AND it just also happens to be National Cancer Survivors Day  — reminding me that I am so completely thankful to be physically active and gainfully employed.  For some, that might seem like nothing, but for anyone who has had to go through cancer twice in 5 years, it truly is something to be thankful for.”  ~Erika Johnson

“It’s hard to believe, but just eight months ago I was getting my last round of chemo, and on my worst day (always Day 5, which would have been September 13) could barely walk around the block.  And today I RAN a 5K race.  And ran it hard!  This feels great.” ~Phyllis Kimmel

“Thank you to everyone who welcomed me & encouraged me through this 12 week process. Behind the scenes there were many emotional tears shed, but today was worth it.  My oldest daughter told me as she was going to bed tonight, again, how proud she was of me.  My kids have watched me through 2 rounds of cancer, including 9 surgeries so far.  They’ve also watched me fight through this training this last 12 weeks, doing whatever I had to do to fit in my workouts even when my husband was out of town for the month of April.  What a wonderful gift to give them–the gift of knowing that it’s always worth the fight.”  ~Jennifer Wealer

“What an absolute amazing past three months!  And Sunday was just the cherry on top.  You know, I started this whole running thing, because I had to get out of my cave.  Diagnosed 18 months ago, I have been hiding in my cave dealing with the shrapnel of a cancer explosion.  It’s been ugly and painful and tearful and frustrating and all the things that you THINK it might be.  (I know the survivors understand this.)  So, I knew I had to get back into my exercise routine but feeling so weak, I didn’t want to face the gym.  And I also knew that I had to get back into the game of Life.  I knew I had to put myself back out there to live my life, with all the smiles, tears, wins and fails that come with it.  I didn’t even tell a lot of people about my running at the beginning, because I was afraid I wouldn’t finish this thing and couldn’t bear the failure……Fear had to stop dominating my life…… This whole thing is just so awesome.  And what you guys have created is life changing.  Just like dreams should be!  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  Back in the game…” ~Carmen Trummer

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About Kyle Lubrano

Program Coordinator, Team Fight @UCF, runner, dog lover and retired soccer player and coach.
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