Meet Jesse Schuman – UCF Summer Intern

Jesse and his mom after Mount St. Mary's won the Division I Lacrosse NEC Championship

My name is Jesse Schuman and to all of the UCF blog readers I am lucky enough to be one of UCF’s summer interns.  I’ve just finished up my first week and after coming in with no expectations as far as how this summer would be I have to admit I’m very excited to be working here this summer.  The staff here is great and so inspired by the cause they are working for it’s almost impossible to not share in their enthusiasm for this cause.  Now I’m just going to give everyone a little background on myself and how I ended up working here this summer.

I am going to be a senior undergrad next year at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Frederick County.  I have a double business concentration in marketing and management along with a minor in communication.  Besides the opportunity for a great education the real reason for me being at Mount Saint Mary’s, and don’t tell my dad this, was to play on their Division I Men’s lacrosse team.  I didn’t start playing lacrosse until my freshman year in high school and ever since it has been a huge part of my life.  I live in Baltimore County in Owings Mills right on the edge of Carroll and Howard County.  Something else I often forget to tell people but seems to spark up a lot of interest once I mention it is that my dad owns Captain Dan’s Crabhouse in Eldersburg in Carroll County; and trust me if you were wondering if you can get sick of eating crabs the answer for me at least is definitely “no”.

As far as how I got here is a weird story that actually has no direct connections to anything in my personal life.  As being a business major going into my senior year I needed an internship in order to graduate.  So like most juniors, I had one set up for the summer in January/February.  I thought this internship was going to be perfect as I’d be helping to manage the set up and promotions during the Baltimore Ravens training camp.  However, as I’m sure you know the NFL lockout kind of messed that up for me.  From there I had another one set up with a financial advising firm, but when they went under new management in March they found out they were required to pay interns and could no longer afford me.  So there I was with a little under two months of school left and no internship, I was kind of freaking out.  So I did what any college kid would do when he tried everything and still couldn’t solve his own problems, called my dad.  My dad made a few calls with business friends and they got me in contact with Brock here at the Ulman Cancer Fund.  From there it was just a matter of when I could start and how often I could help.  At first I was a little hesitant about this internship because I thought there was no way it could compete with working with professional athletes, however after one short week I realize if I had to do it again I would choose this internship 10 times out of 10.  Now although cancer has not had a huge impact on my life, my Dad’s mother died of lung cancer when I was about 5 or 6 and my Mom’s mother finished fighting off breast cancer while I was in high school.  Now while cancer has not had a huge effect on my life I still see what it can do to other people and their families and I am very excited to be able to help any of those people in whatever way I can.

The people in this office are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they all have such inspirational stories as to why they want to help out here.  After getting a background on the company, I realize that the work I do here can have a real positive effect on people’s lives and I can actually make a difference by doing this internship.  I am very excited to really get into the swing of things this summer and to be a part of something that gives so many people hope in what can prove to be the most trying time of their lives.

About The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.
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1 Response to Meet Jesse Schuman – UCF Summer Intern

  1. Bryan M. McMillan says:

    Jesse welcome on board. Looking forward eating some crabs, um I mean meeting you.

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