UCF’s First 2011 Scholarship Winner!

Last week Brock was given the wonderful opportunity of announcing our first scholarship recipient at an awards program at Loyola Blakefield- Alex Pizzala!

Alex is the first recipient of the Jason Smith Memorial Scholarship in partnership with UCF and the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center! This award is presented to a student preparing to attend college who has been a patient or the child of a patient treated at GBMC for cancer. The award is in memory of Jason Smith- a 29 year old who lost his battle with brain cancer.

Alex is a wonderful young man who unfortunately lost his father to cancer just one short year ago. His father, Tom, lost his battle with lung cancer. Alex parents were divorced and he lived with his mother, so he was not involved with the day in and day out struggle that his father was going through during treatment. However, once his father was moved to hospice, Alex spent every day with his father up to his death-writing an unbelievably honest blog about it. http://www.tompizzala.blogspot.com

Alex’s essay was also very moving and open – he wrote:
“My father impacted my life unlike any other person. He taught me countless things: how to swim, bodysurf, skimboard skateboard, fish , play the guitar, sing and much more, he showed me how to love and have a good time. I will never forget the memories we shared together, and I know that his spirit follows me every day of my life. His death has made me aware of the incredible fragility of life, and I have learned to be more appreciative of my non-material wealth, family, and friends.  He has taught me many things, but most importantly, he has modeled the person that I want to be the rest of my life.”

Brock interviewed Alex after the scholarship presentation last week.  The video below is an excerpt of the interview.

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