YACS is coming to Towson!

During my first few weeks at UCF, I spend a majority my time on Towson’s campus. I hit the ground running on several events. Towson Tackles Cancer was one and another was the school’s health fair. While at the health fair, I had several students come up to me who were impacted by cancer and that got me thinking. Does Towson have a cancer support group?

After some digging around and emails to the counseling office, I found out the answer to my question. The answer was no and that got my brain thinking again. I thought have a support group on Towson’s campus was a great idea and I started getting some key stakeholders involved. I talked to Sharon Curran, a nursing professor and a dedicated UCF volunteer, Dr. Bruce Herman, the assistant director for the counseling center, and Dr. Nancy Hensler, Groups Coordinator at Towson. The four of us have been emailing and meeting since early January to talk about what UCF can bring the Towson students and faculty as well as if there was a need for a YACS group on campus.

It was decided that a YACS group on Towson’s campus would be a great addition to the support groups that the counseling center already offers. The four of us decided to have several info sessions on campus about UCF and the new YACS group to stir up interest and get some members for the new YACS group that will be happening this Fall.

The first info session was this past Tuesday. I spent some time at Towson University talking about UCF’s mission and about what we can offer the Towson Student Body. Although final’s are just around the corner for Towson students we had a few students and faculty members pop in to see what Ulman was all about. A young woman who stopped in will be an RA on campus next year and is more than ready to help with the YACS group. Her mother is going through treatment right now. The faculty member who stopped in has been researching issues surrounding cancer for years but has never looked into the young adult population. He has offered his assistance to help get word out about the group.

I am very excited about the new YACS group at Towson. I know that UCF knows many young people who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis that have ties with Towson and my hope is to get this group up and running so they have another support option close to home.

About Ashley Portrey

Volunteer Coordinator, AmeriCorps member, tennis player, Thanatologist, volunteer, and bargain shopper. Loves anything green, red skittles, tennis, and traveling.
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1 Response to YACS is coming to Towson!

  1. I am a Towson U grad student just begining my fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (I started my grad program and was diagnosed both this past spring semester) I just did a google for Towson U and cancer and found your blog because I as well was wondering if there was anything on Towson’s campus about cancer support. I just wanted to say I would love to participate and help in any way I can to get this thing off and running! Please feel free to contact me!

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