Top 10 Reasons Why I love Team Fight

Kristin & her family

There are so many reasons why I love being a part of Team Fight, here is my top ten list…

10. Because of the encouragement and support of my coaches and teammates I am now an Iron Girl and got to swim with an Olympian in the Half Full Tri relay!

9. I am constantly inspired by reading the “why we fight” newsletters written by the people directly influenced by the funds we help by raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

8. SWIM PRACTICE! My favorite time of the week is 8 pm Thursday nights! If you live nearby and don’t come to swim practice, you are missing out!

7. Wearing bright yellow gear in every race I enter so people people cheer for me along the way! (it’s so hard to constantly think of new things to say when on a race course waiting for your friends to run by, so we STAND OUT!)

6. I am showing my kids that it is not only good to have a healthy, active lifestyle, but I am teaching them the importance of doing something for others at the same time.

5. My husband is trying to keep up with me and signed up for his first triathlon this summer – Celebration Tri – so I can now cheer HIM on!

4. I am encouraged along the way of every workout when I think of the young adults we are helping. If they can fight cancer, I can fight the hills on the Columbia Tri course and just keep moving forward toward my goal.

3. The coaches are amazing – motivating, supportive, and great people!

2. Katrina, Kyle and Brian – who keep it all together for us!

1. My teammates! I have met so many awesome people. I love the description of Team Fight – “TEAM FIGHT is a motivated group of great people of all ages and abilities training to support young adults and their loved ones affected by cancer.”

If you aren’t already, Get in the Fight! We have events for all distances and all people and can even join if you don’t live locally! We have members all over the country, including my BFF in North Carolina who recently decided to do a triathlon down there wearing Team Fight gear and help us raise more money to help the UCF Team transform lives affected by cancer! Go Team Fight!

About Kristin Johnson

Runner girl, music, concert, food, travel & movie fanatic. Mom of 2, spouse of 1. Follow me on Twitter! @krisfergie
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1 Response to Top 10 Reasons Why I love Team Fight

  1. Leslie Nissenberg says:

    Thanks Kristin. I love your top 10 reasons.

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