Cycle cross country for the young adult cancer fight!

Several months ago, I was introduced to an amazing organization that has been doing unbelievable work in our backyard and in the cancer community since 2002. It’s called 4K for Cancer and they are changing the way college students fight cancer. I’ve talked about this group before, but today’s blog is about a very cool opportunity they’re offering young adult cancer survivors.

As a background first, 4K for Cancer is a non-profit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded when a group of undergraduate students at the Johns Hopkins University decided to combine their desire to fight against cancer with their dream of cycling across the country, 4K for Cancer’s inaugural 4,000-mile journey was from Baltimore to San Francisco. Over the past nine years 4K for Cancer has been dedicated to uniting communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds and fostering hope. Since its inaugural ride in 2001, 4K for Cancer has been successful in raising well over $250,000 for the cancer fight and will be partnering with UCF this year to continue that mission (more to come on this exciting partnership in a later blog). This year 4K for Cancer will organize three rides consisting each of 65 days and 4000 miles of cycling – Baltimore to Seattle, Baltimore to Portland, and Baltimore to San Francisco.

Back to the very cool opportunity 4K for Cancer is offering young adult survivors this year!

This year 4K for Cancer has made a commitment to offer ride scholarships to any young adult cancer survivors! That’s right, if you’re a young adult survivor and up to the task,  you can ride 4,000 miles with 34 of of your newest closest friends for FREE!

The ride scholarship covers the $4500 fundraising requirement for our riders, a new 2010 Jamis Aurora touring bicycle and 4K cycling gear. They currently have scholarship spots on all three of their cross country rides – Baltimore to San Francisco, Baltimore to Portland and Baltimore to Seattle. Each ride departs from the Inner Harbor of Baltimore on May 29th and arrives on the West Coast the first weekend of August.

Any young adult cancer survivor between the ages of 18 and 30 is eligible to apply for a ride scholarship. Although the scholarship covers the $4500 fundraising requirement required of our riders – recipients are encouraged to fundraise to help support our mission. As with all our riders, scholarship recipients receive a brand new touring bicycle from Jamis as well as a 4K team cycling gear and apparel. Food and lodging is provided during the ride with the exception of off days (typically once a week).

All riders, including scholarship recipients are responsible for their own transportation to Baltimore at the start of the ride and back home at the end of the ride.

Learn more by visiting 4K for Cancer or contacting 4K for Cancer Executive Director David Conover at or 410-450-9954

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