Scholarships are in!!

This past Friday was the due date for all of our UCF scholarships and WOW was it ever busy!! At least 20 people hand delivered their applications and the poor mailman came in with 37 packages that required signatures. In addition, quite a few were received via UPS and Fed Ex. In total, we received 307 applications  – every state except Alaska is represented in our pool of applicants! And now, we begin the task of evaluating them.

All the applications have been scanned and are now ready to be sent out to the readers. We are so lucky that we have a huge group of volunteers that will read the applications. Each scholarship is read by 3 different readers – they use a scoring system to evaluate each application. The top applications are then sent onto the families of each scholarship to make the final decision of who will receive the scholarship. This is a long process- but here at UCF we feel that every applicant has taken the time to fill out an application and we should take the time to thoroughly evaluate them.

Although I am thrilled to receive so many applications, as it means more and more people are hearing about this wonderful program; It also makes me sad that there are so many people out there that have been touched by cancer through either their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a family member.

My wish is that someday our scholarship program is no longer needed….

About Kelly Lance

Service and Events Coordinator
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