Hey NYC…..Wanna FIGHT?

On November 6, 2011 the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults will field its FIRST Charity TEAM for the ING New York City Marathon.   That’s right, TEAM FIGHT will make a trip to the big apple to run the nationally acclaimed 26.2-mile race. AND..oh yeah, I will be running with our TEAM. This is a huge undertaking for some and not so much for others. I am definitely with the crew that will have to train with no idea what will be in store on race day.

What I do know is that this is a very important step for the ULMAN CANCER FUND as we will be able to bring more awareness to the issues that Young Adults are faced with when they are faced with a cancer diagnosis.  There has been much work being done behind the scenes to hopefully bring a few of our programs with the Big Apple.  This is a step towards that reality, as a group of TEAM FIGHTERS will be raising funds along the way to help support this initiative.

While the mileage is still very daunting as I am only up to about 8 miles with my “training”, I know this will be a very emotional and gratifying event.  As I begin to think about this event, I know this will be a big personal achievement for me, but I also think about the individuals who I will be running for to include my sister Holly, who has been my inspiration for the career change that has led me to UCF.  There are many other special people that I have met throughout my journey and this will be a celebration to honor all of them.  Not sure how I am going to honor them, but I will figure something out!

I am going to keep a training log that I will share periodically as this ex-football player looks to figure out this marathon thing!

Thanks to my TEAMMATES, Matt, Woody, Heather, Jenni and Dane who will be sporting the bright Yellow as TEAM FIGHT hits the streets of NYC on November 6th!



About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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