Not Business as Usual at UCF in 2011…

Last week the UCF team had a chance to break away from the office for our annual staff retreat. We got to spend some time together, talk about 2011 plans and explore that critically important question of “WHY?”

Why do we exist? Why do we do what we do? Why is what we’re doing important?

We also talked about how we fulfill the answer to this why question –  our core purpose, our thinking, our actions, and our outcomes.

One would think this day and a half exercise could be exhausting but I found it quite the contrary. I found it to be energizing and refreshing. A reminder of why we’re all so committed to UCF and the young adult cancer fight and how we’re working as a team to accomplish some “extraordinary outcomes”! It is not business as usual at UCF – we’re pushing each other to dream big, think different and act bold in 2011.  A special thanks to our good friend and facilitator, Dan Peoples, for challenging our way of thinking and taking us on a enriching journey.

A couple cool things that came out of our time together that I wanted to share. You’ll hear more about these things over the course of the year as they’re sure to influence our work in 2011 and beyond, but I wanted to share them while they were fresh.

It’s a TEAM effort!
There is no “I” or “me” in UCF – it is all about “WE” and “OUR”. We reminded ourselves that WE are all working together with  so many of you to change the lives of so many in a meaningful way and we could never do it alone or as individuals. We thank you for your continued support and invite you to be a part of OUR organization.

Our Core Purpose
We spent a great deal of time defining our core purpose. We wanted it to be something that represented who we were and had true meaning – it wasn’t just a couple words on paper. We wanted it to be something that elicited an emotion and would help to define our growing brand of hope, optimism and fight!

UCF Core Purpose: We are transforming the lives of those affected by cancer

Our Organizational Priorities
All of the UCF’s Board and staff activities and initiatives are driven by both our Strategic Priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan along with Annual Priorities set-forth by the UCF Board and Leadership every December.  Below is a snapshot of the way we’re organizing our efforts in 2011.

  1. “Help more people in a meaningful way”
    Expand & enhance on-site & remote Patient Navigation Program services.
  2. “Activate & Empower Communities”
    Strengthen platforms to better engage people in UCF and the young adult cancer fight.
  3. “Be Accountable & Transparent”
    Enhance evaluation efforts on all UCF programs and activities – be able to confidently report on “how we’re changing lives”.
  4. “It’s About People”
    Continue to grow, sustain and improve UCF team – staff, volunteers, board, funders, etc.
  5. “Share our story”
    Grow UCF brand through consistent, varied and effective communication – share our story and the ones of the young adults we serve.

We’re looking forward to setting some lofty goals that align with our core purpose and all of these priorities as well as working with all of you to make 2011 an amazing year!

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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