Learning about giving back at an early age

Both of my girls attended Patapsco Middle School in Ellicott City, MD.  We all loved the school and it was a good experience all the way around!

Recently Matthew Dymek, a teacher at Patapsco, contacted me about a service learning project that some of the eighth graders were doing. They are learning about how cancer affects a community and combining it with a fundraising component – raising funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund. They are calling it Patapsco’s Promise 2011.

The mission of the group:  

Students involved in the Service Learning Project will become aware of the impact that cancer has on the community. Through the learning process the students will gain insight as to the nature of the disease by participating in content-specific lesson, guest speaker opportunities and fundraising activities.

Recently much has been made in the press about the sad state of our schools; especially public schools. I don’t know about you, but when I was in middle school I don’t remember doing any kind of community service or fundraising. I am thrilled that these eighth graders are learning at an early age that every citizen should be a part of their community and giving back is wonderful!

To learn more about Patapsco’s Promise, go to:


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