Why? Take this exercise

In preparing for the 2011 UCF Staff Retreat, a group of us we discussing content for the meeting and we were asked the question “Why do you do what you do?”  “Why is that important?”  Not to take away from the staff meeting next week, but I really started to think about that statement when I left the lunch meeting!  Thanks Dan!

Why do I do what I do?  Why do any of us do what we do?  Our careers, our families our outlets?  Why do we choose to do certain things in our lives?  This is a great question/exercise for you and your mind.   Identify something in your life that you care about or spend a bunch of time on and continue to ask yourself WHY.   Don’t take the easy way out and say, “Because I like to do this”.  Take the time to drill down and ask yourselves why over and over.  It will take some thought, but you will enjoy the process.  I did and it opened my eyes a bit.


About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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