Passion. Perspective. People.

The Cancer to 5K program begins its eighth season tomorrow morning and the NOVA (Northern Virginia/DC Metro) group has mixed feelings about the commencement of this particular season. While they are pumped to get rolling, they are saying good-bye to the founder of the program, Holly Gannoe-Shoemaker, as she and her husband, Jim, have an opportunity to move closer to family in Alabama.

Holly Gannoe-Shoemaker

For those of you that know about the program (we also have one here in Howard County, which is facilitated by our partner, Mady & Mules/Howard County Physical Therapy), you may not know that Holly had an “idea” and four years later this program has helped over 40 Survivors find their way into running and finishing a 5k race in addition to continuing a healthy, active lifestyle. Holly is a truly passionate individual and even though she will no longer be on the ground in NOVA, she will forever be recognized as the founder of this awesome program. The knowledge and commitment I have seen from Holly [as a new member of the Ulman team helping to facilitate this program] is just amazing.

Holly has a great perspective on running and on life. She started running and doing triathlons as an adult, with no prior experience, and truly believes anyone can “start a healthy lifestyle anytime.” She firmly believes that her healthy lifestyle before, during and now after her cancer diagnosis was and is a BIG factor  in her Survivorship. She hopes this program will encourage other Survivors to embrace the joys that come with living a healthy lifestyle and running.

In traditional Holly style, she has left the program in the hands of a group of wonderful people. We are excited to have coach Bob Shaver of Shaver Multi-Sport, as well as, Andrea Hampton, Jennifer McRobbie and Colleen Cannon continue working with the program this season and hopefully for many more!  The NOVA Cancer to 5K team will be running the Capital Crescent Run on Sunday, June 5, 2011. They will be training for the next 12 weeks in preparation and we are excited to kick-off the season tomorrow morning. Go C25K!

About Kyle Lubrano

Program Coordinator, Team Fight @UCF, runner, dog lover and retired soccer player and coach.
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1 Response to Passion. Perspective. People.

  1. ElenaSC says:

    Good luck with your training!
    I want to run my first race this summer for the same reasons… I’m back from an injury and I’m really having hard time right now. If you have some advice please come over and leave me a comment.

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