Pay it Forward

Last week in the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adult’s offices we had the purest example of “pay it forward” that I have ever seen- and I am still totally blown away by it!!

Shelley is a very long time volunteer and supporter- and most importantly, friend- of the organization.  During the Blue Jeans Ball she was telling me that when she had been unexpectedly laid off from her job last spring, she lost her company car.  A friend of a friend graciously gave her a car that they were not currently using- GAVE it to her to use until she was able to find a new job.  Luckily Shelley had found a new job and no longer needed the car.   She was determined to pass it along to someone else going through a hard time.  She asked me if we had anyone who might be looking for a car.

Enter Tom- he is a lymphoma patient who works near the UCF offices.  He often stops into the office to visit while waiting for his lunch from the deli across the hall.  Needless to say but he has been having a hard time- he is employed, but is still struggling to make his insurance deductibles- as well as his pharmacy bill.  On top of that, he and his wife have a newborn.  I have connected him with some help over the year and he was getting by…

Tom stopped in last week to tell me that his wife’s car had been totalled in a car accident.   He then took money from his retirement savings to buy a car for his wife from someone in Virginia- the car did not even make the drive home!  He was very troubled that he had no car and had spent retirement funds….

You can see where this goes!!  I called Shelley and she was thrilled!!  She spoke with Tom and they both were so excited.  Shelley took the car to make any repairs it needed – as well as to make sure it passed inspection- and then she gave it to Tom- He was (and still is ) overwhelmed…..

Tom has told me more than once, that when he gets through this tough time, he will be doing the exact same thing that Shelley did- passing this automobile along to someone else who is in a bad spot….

Shelley and Tom are both examples to me of how generous the human spirit can be— remember to “pay it forward” when you get the chance!

About Kelly Lance

Service and Events Coordinator
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