Trying To Keep It Simple

Trying to keep things in simple form usually adds to the clarity of things for me.  I wanted to share a bit about what has been on my mind lately here at UCF.

These are some very exciting times here at the Ulman Caner Fund.  We have embarked on a very aggressive plan that will bring our programs and services to many more Young Adults in need in 2011.  I have been very impressed by the way our organization has embraced this plan.  The excitement level is very high around here and the energy is contagious!

As we look to the 2nd quarter of 2011, we all are very focused on strengthening our programs to better support the organizations goals.  Our goal, to put it in simple terms, is to bring our navigation services to more venues to help more young adults affected by cancer.

Yeah, that’s simple terms.  But let me dig a bit deeper for you all, we are continuing to maintain and strengthen our organizations position as THE “Thought Leaders” in Young Adult Patient Navigation!  This is not something we take lightly as we are all directly assisting individuals and their loved ones in navigating the dreaded cancer journey.

We have strategically expanded our staff to support these expansion efforts and have welcomed 3 new members to the team in the last few months and will add another in the next few weeks.  As we continue to be cautiously optimistic, we also feel that it is our responsibility to roll out our programs to support MORE people!

BUT…..We can not do this without the continued support of those who have been assisting the organization with their time and their money.  As we expand we are looking to maintain our existing base of supporters and continue to add to it by educating whoever will listen as to what we do and how we do it.  The Ulman Cancer Fund’s programs and services directly HELP people!  We support people, WE educate people and WE connect people.

I challenge each of you who are reading this and are interested in exactly how we help those affected by cancer to reach out to someone in the office as we all love to share the great work we are doing and would love to have you join the FIGHT!

In the spirit of Keeping It Simple

“Cancer Changes Lives…….So Do WE!”

Please get involved in the Fight!

All the best and thank you for FIGHTING with us!


About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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