Building our TEAM

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “team” as a number of persons associated together in work or activity.

This definition is certainly accurate but I believe it just scrapes the surface.  We’ve added a few great team members in the past month at UCF which got me thinking about “what characteristics make a great team?” and how should we define this often-used term.  Indulge me for a minute as I define what “team” means to me & UCF and then I’ll introduce the new rock stars we’ve added to our team.

Whether it’s sports team, office, community group or family, I believe a great team should embody most all of the following characteristics….

Carry all the same values and vision
Challenge each other
Compliment each others work
Constructively criticize each others work
Work well together – especially when the going gets tough
Agree often yet respectfully disagree too
Support each other
Hold each other accountable
Demand excellence
Be flexible
Contribute often and consistently
Respect all ideas and opinions
Create an environment where creativity is welcomed
Understand and respect each others strengths and weaknesses
Be transparent to both those within and the public

I believe the UCF team strives to embody all these characteristics and we just added 3 new amazing team members in the past month that help us carry on this commitment to excellence.  If you haven’t met them already, say hello to our your newest UCF “team”!

Rachel Wiederhold – Program Manager, Communications & Mission Engagement

Kyle Lubrano – Program Coordinator, Team Fight

Kristin Johnson – Events Coordinator

Jennie Burke – Community Outreach

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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1 Response to Building our TEAM

  1. TuTu says:

    I am so happy that our family is part of this awesome organization and it’s fight against cancer. Welcome to all the new people, especially my daughter, Kristin 😉

    Can’t wait to be part of the volunteer crew for future events!!

    Keep up the great work!
    Carolyn Drain

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