It’s a good thing I run…..

I would think someone who doesn’t have a good stress relief system in place would probably be sitting on their living room floor staring into space talking jibberish with Cheerios in their hair if they experienced these two things over the last two weeks…..

A week ago today, my fiancee informed me that sales consultant and the general manager of the resort we are getting married at in St. Maarten are no longer employed there.  You know it’s only been since last May we were dealing with the sales consultant…no biggie, right?  In a panic, I emailed our wedding planner (who is actually fabulous) and asked her to check in at the hotel the following week since she’s local.  In the meantime, my fiancee had heard from the group sales person, who also informed him that their reservation system went down the week before and he’s not entirely sure if our party’s reservations are there or not….oh, and he also cannot take reservations from our wedding group because “he doesn’t do that.”  At about 5:15 pm I couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I closed up my laptop and took my dogs out for a run before going to get my sister and niece from the train station.  They came for the weekend and so I really didn’t have time to think about it once my 7 year old niece was in the picture.  We were too busy buying stuffed animals everywhere we went.

Sooo fast forward to last week when I got home from the Thursday PM Team Fight run.  I am informed, “Looks like you have jury duty.”  I stroll to my laptop, pick up my lovely envelope, which seems thick.  I am a little scared that it’s going to be something to the effect of you owe us 40k for an outstanding parking ticket form 2008.  But no, it is better than that….grand jury duty….starting May 9, 2011 and ending September 9, 2011.  Oh yeah, cool.  I’ll just forgo my 10 day wedding/honeymoon and serve the city…..and also walk in to the UCF offices and tell them that I can’t work during event season.  But it’s okay…the city pays you $15 a day.  Pretty sure I cost more than $15 a day.

But since I run and am generally tired after a run, I was able to sleep, wake up happy and stress free.  I HOPE that the city understands that I just started a new job and I am getting married in June, but until I know for sure, I will expend any stressful energy going on a run…..see you on the streets in Baltimore!

About Kyle Lubrano

Program Coordinator, Team Fight @UCF, runner, dog lover and retired soccer player and coach.
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