Scholarships to siblings too??

Why yes, the Ulman Cancer Fund provides scholarships to siblings of cancer patients…. why, you ask? Because, again, we support young adults affected by cancer through either their own diagnosis OR the diagnosis of a loved one-

The Satola Family Scholarship to the University of Virginia is a perfect example. Brian Satola, our Assistant Director, knows firsthand how the diagnosis of a sibling affects the entire family….. and his family has had to face cancer twice.

Brian’s sister, Holly was diagnosed with leukemia when she was only 5 years old- Brian was 8. Holly was later diagnosed with lymphoma when she was 30. Twice the entire Satola family had to go into “fight” mode, pulling together to support Holly, as well as each other. Brian knows first hand that cancer affects EVERYONE i a family, not just the patient.

After his family’s experience, Brian and his family decided to establish the Satola Family Scholarship to the University of Virginia. Anyone who know Brian (and Brock too!) know that he bleeds orange- or whatever color a Yahoo would bleed….. His family’s scholarship is available to any student who had cancer themselves OR had a parent or sibling with cancer, and attend UVA.

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1 Response to Scholarships to siblings too??

  1. Michelle Williams says:

    My oldest daughter of 17 passed away from a brain tumor called an Ependymoma. Her sister Kaci is a senior at Eastern High School. We were just wanting to know if there were any scholarships that Kaci could apply for being a sibling of a cancer patient. Could you please send us any information that you would have on this and how to click on an application. We printed one out but as i was filling it out they wanted to know the dates that she was diagnosed and I didn’t know if that meant Allison who passed away or Kaci her sister. Thank you for your time Michelle Williams

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