Blue Jeans Ball thanks!

Hanging with Ethan and Jenna at the Blue Jeans Ball

WOW! What an amazing time we had at the Blue Jeans Ball last weekend! Over 500 UCF supporters – staff, friends, family, board members, community leaders, and over 50 volunteers – all celebrating our 13th anniversary as an organization and honoring amazing individuals who contribute to our mission. Highlights for me included our amazing honoree video, Ethan Zohn’s keynote remarks, and seeing all the cancer survivors stand and be celebrated. We posted the honoree videos and video of Ethan’s inspiring remarks on our website so those who weren’t able to see them can help us celebrate these amazing people and organizations.

I am so overwhelmed by the huge show of support I had planning this event. From my two sisters who worked tirelessly alongside me all week setting up the auction, to the dozens of volunteers who were basically running the event with very little direction from me, to Diana Ulman and the awesome decor committee who made everything look so beautiful – there were so many people working behind the scenes to make it look incredible and seem effortless. Of course, who could pull something like this off without loving support at home? A “Tutu” who traveled from Utah to watch my 2 preschoolers all week while mommy worked, and a husband and children who miss me when I’m working long hours, but know that it’s for a greater good.

Our Team at the Ulman Cancer Fund works so hard to make sure that everyone who comes in contact with us knows that to us, IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE. I thank everyone who attended, donated, danced, cried, and most importantly helped us raise awareness and money to change more lives affected by cancer. I am blessed to have been asked to plan such an inspirational and fun event. I am looking forward to a new year with the Ulman Cancer Fund and many more events to come!

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