Why the sport of running is great…..

I consider myself to be a lucky individual.  I work for an organization that does really cool things and I get to work with something that I LOVE – running.  For a majority of my professional life, I was an accountant taking a detour to coach soccer on the collegiate level, but finding my way back into the accounting world.  About a month ago, I was offered a job at UCF to help grow TEAM FIGHT in Baltimore with a focus on running.  And time flies when you are having fun…..

What’s neat about this sport is that anyone can do it and with that they can run:

  • to improve or maintain their health.
  • to meet friends by joining a running group.
  • to feed their competitive side.
  • to help a cause like young adults with cancer.
  • to catch up with a friend they haven’t seen in a while and kill two birds with one stone.
  • to clear their mind after a hard day.
  • to think or brainstorm.
  • to put to good use the pretty running shoes they bought.

I love to hear stories about people who never considered themselves a runner, or an athlete for that matter, who have just completed their first marathon, half-marathon or any race.  Recently, someone shared with me their story of how they became a runner.  They described the nerves leading up to their first 5k and how when they arrived at the start, they saw a bunch of what looked like professional runners and actually drove home.  After much deliberation in the car back at their home, they decided to drive back and run the race.  A few years later and a few marathons and half marathons later, this person is now a RUNNER and not afraid to hop out of the car on race day.  How cool is that?

If you think about it, how often do amateurs get to compete on the same “playing field” as a professional athlete?  When you step up to the start of a race, you are there with the elites and professionals, running the same course as them.  Now that is something special…..we may be several hours behind them, but we are competing on the same stage.

So if you don’t consider yourself someone who can run, give it a shot; you never know what you’re capable of unless you try it.  All you really need is some sneakers….the reasons, goals and results will come and change as you become the runner you always wanted to be but didn’t think you could.

About Kyle Lubrano

Program Coordinator, Team Fight @UCF, runner, dog lover and retired soccer player and coach.
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