I thought I would write a brief post this week about navigation.  Navigation is essentially what drives us here at the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  But what does this mean?  I had a great conversation yesterday with an old friend and we went back and forth about the broad spectrum about what navigation covers.  Well I will tell you what navigation means to me.

Navigation means:

  • Our ability to connect people to resources they want or need in their journey
  • A friendly face and ear that will just listen when things just plain suck
  • A team of cancer survivors training for a 5K with the help of a team of volunteers that they just met
  • A group of individuals training for events as part of a TEAM that raises awareness and funds
  • The ability for me to stand in front of a group and tell my sisters story and still have tears in my eyes
  • When someone stops by the office to just say “Thank You”
  • Delivering holiday presents to families who are focused on the fight of their lives
  • Being able to invite a new survivor friend and her husband to our annual gala as my guest
  • To award a small scholarship to a deserving individual so they can pursue higher education with a little less strain
  • Sitting in the office chatting with staff and friends about ideas of how we can help more people
  • Having a group of TEAM FIGHT mentors tell us that they really want to meet more of the people that we are serving
  • Watching the UCF team grow in size and in spirit

These are just a few I can rattle off as I type this, but NAVIGATION has such a deeper meaning for me these days.  I am starting to “get it” more the longer I am a part of this great TEAM at UCF.  Navigation is helping me shape that I am and what I am.

So take a minute and think about how you are NAVIGATING your life.

Safe travels,



About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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