Hey Baltimore…….

In my last post, I talked about our excitement for 2011 initiatives. One of those is to have more of a presence in Baltimore and to have training there for new and existing TEAM FIGHT members. As I have just finished my second week at UCF, we are ready to starting running in Baltimore.

This coming week, we are going to do a TEAM FIGHT run on Tuesday morning and in the coming weeks, we will grow upon that one day and add two more days – most likely Thursday and Saturday morning runs. We will have a more formal schedule in place and up on our training calendar in mid February.

If you KNOW you want to run this Tuesday morning with TEAM FIGHT, email me! OR if you are suffering from the mid-winter blues and can’t fathom getting on your running shoes and going out for a morning run in this cold, maybe this will help:

We change lives by offering college scholarships to young adults touched by cancer ($25K in 2010 and over $30K in 2011)

We change lives by helping 200+ young adults navigate their cancer diagnosis at University of MD Cancer Center

We changes lives by expanding our navigation efforts to a cancer center in Washington,DC in 2011

We change lives by supporting cancer patients in completing their first 5K through Cancer to 5K

We change lives by having over 100 cancer survivors participate in the Half Full Triathlon

We change lives by having a support group in Columbia, MD on a monthly basis for the past 10 years

We change lives by distributing over 15,000 Guidebooks to cancer centers in all 50 states over the past 10 years

We change lives by connecting young adults with other young adults facing a similar cancer experience

We change lives by working with working with the Nation’s leading Doctors to develop standards of care for the young adult cancer population

We change lives by helping young adults make difficult decisions about fertility, end of life care and how to talk to your spouse and kids about your cancer diagnosis

We change lives by getting holiday gifts donated for young adults and families fighting cancer in the Baltimore area every holiday season

We change lives through raising awareness that caner is the #1 disease killer in the young adult population

We change lives with an attitude of optimism and hope

We change lives by holding your hand when no one else is there

We change lives by helping you die with dignity when that time comes

Cancer changes lives…so do WE!

About Kyle Lubrano

Program Coordinator, Team Fight @UCF, runner, dog lover and retired soccer player and coach.
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