I Dare You to Try Something NEW!

A couple of weeks ago we had one of our many special visits from Jennie Burke.  As she strutted into the office with her usual upbeat, happy self, positivity was flowing out of her!  As we usually do, the rest of the staff congregated to the front of the office to greet Jennie.  We immediately began talking about where she had been that morning, as she was simply glowing!  She had been to a yoga class.  But not just any yoga class, a Bikram class.

For those of you not familiar with the practice, it’s a 90 minute class conducted in a room heated at 105 degrees with 40% humidity as you complete the twenty-six posture series.  So to say the least it’s HOT and you sweat..A LOT!  But they tell you the heat is your friend and it will promote flexibility and aid in detoxification.

A typical 105 degree heated Bikram Yoga Class

So anyways, usually I am out running or biking in the mornings.  But this morning, Brian was willing to try something new and asked me to join him for a Bikram Yoga class before work.  Of course I was on board.

I have been to a few classes before but still consider myself a ‘newbie,’ and this was Brian’s first class.  The morning wasn’t without a few laughs, funky new pretzel moves, and puddles of sweat, but we finished it!

So I challenge you…maybe it’s not Bikram Yoga, but go try something NEW!  We often get into our routines of what may seem ‘easy’ to our bodies, but in reality you need to vary it up, keep it fun, and shake things up every once in a while.  Maybe it’s a spin class, maybe it’s doing some interval work on the bike, or rock climbing, or planning a hike.  The options are unlimited.  But either way, try something new…have a little FUN with it!

Picture taken from a Sugarloaf Mountain hike halfway to the summit

About Katrina McGowan

Program Coordinator of Team Fight for UCF, working my way into the triathlon and marathon world, lover of the outdoors, self proclaimed foodie, aspiring wine connoisseur, with a slight addiction to any reality show on BRAVO or HGTV, traveling, shopping, while trying to make a difference in this crazy world we live in!
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1 Response to I Dare You to Try Something NEW!

  1. Jennie Burke says:

    Well first of all, THANK YOU, Katrina for those kind words! Having you in my life makes me feel GREAT, and THAT is where the glow comes from. You all mean so much to me. I am proud of you and Brian. You guys work so hard – I hope that 90 minutes in the Hot Room brought you a peaceful day…and I’m GLAD that it brought you some laughs! Miss you guys…can’t wait to see you! Love to all!!! xoxo

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