A Humbling Moment

Back in November I received a call from USA Triathlon and was asked if I would be a presenter at the 2011 USAT Race Directors Symposium. Without hesitation, I said YES! After having some time to let this digest and give my presentation this past weekend in Colorado Springs I have had a chance to reflect on a few things.

I continue to be extremely honored and humbled to have been put in such great situations since joining the Ulman Cancer Fund three short years ago.  This presentation was very special to me as it gave me a platform to share the exciting work that is done here at UCF and also explain to many Race Directors the “power of sport”.  This presentation is actually a very easy one for me to give since it is about what I have lived for the past 2 years.  Having met so many generous people that were so gracious to help me direct one of the most special and meaningful events that I have ever been a part of is something that I will never forget.

So there I was, on stage in front of a group of Race Directors and the staff from USAT thinking “Brian, don’t, mess this up!”  Having others in the room that were truly interested in how to partner with charity organization and create a meaningful and sustainable event was pretty powerful and inspiring.  One Race Director told me after the presentation that she was moved to tears watching the opening video I played for the audience.  I was blown away.  She was in tears before I even explained what Half Full Triathlon was about! WOW!  We did something right!

After my presentation was completed, many Race Directors came up to congratulate me. This was pretty special to me as I never, in a million years, thought I would be up in front of a group of seasoned Triathlon Race Directors presenting about the success of a triathlon that I was the Race Director for.  A few friends from the crowd who were there to support me made the comment, “wow, we really didn’t know what you really did until now!”  That was pretty cool as they also offered to come help with Half Full for FREE.

Needless to say, this is and never will be about me!  There are so many great people that were a part of this presentation and so many more that are a part of the spirit of HALF FULL TRIATHLON.  Half Full is an ATTITUDE and it is contagious.  As evidence from my presentation in Colorado Springs, Half Full continues to make a difference in many peoples lives and the Passion behind this event will continue to drive its success.

So the same way I ended my presentation on Saturday, I will end this blog post…”GET GOOD AT SAYING THANK YOU and WHEN YOU SAY IT, MEAN IT”

Thank you to all who helped shape the HALF FULL ATTITUDE!


About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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