My New Year’s Resolution…Time to get off couch!

The time has come again to make another New Year’s Resolution…I don’t know about you but I have never really kept a resolution I have made in the past. I usually get pretty lofty with my choices…such as running a marathon or learning how to rock climb. I am terrified of heights so I have not idea why I thought learning to climb would be a great resolution to make. That one literally lasted 5 minutes into the first lesson.

This year I decided to make a resolution that was realistic and make myself go through with it. So this year, I signed up for Team Fight. I will be running my first 5K in the Baltimore Run Fest in October.

Signing up was the easy part. All that took was a couple of minutes at the computer filling out some information. First step, done! The second step will be a major headache for me. The actual running part will be my nemesis. Running is not my forte, I’m more of a sprinter. I played tennis all my life so you would think running a 5K wouldn’t be a problem, WRONG. I have never really run long distances. During tennis practice, we would run to warm up but then it was mostly sprinting and suicides. Fun right?

So, here is my dilemma…

After all my tennis playing, my ankles are shot. I have had both of my ankles reconstructed and only have one ligament left in the right one. So, how and I going to run a 5K?? I put this question to a couple of people and I was given the answer…The couch to 5K program. So over the next several months, I will begin training for my first 5K. Apparently, I start by walking the 5K (which I can do) and then slowly incorporating running into the distance. I know I’m starting extremely early for an October run, but I need all the time I can get!

Stay tuned for updates on my progress over the coming months…just a warning-it will be very slow and pitiful but this is one resolution that I intend on keeping!

About Ashley Portrey

Volunteer Coordinator, AmeriCorps member, tennis player, Thanatologist, volunteer, and bargain shopper. Loves anything green, red skittles, tennis, and traveling.
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2 Responses to My New Year’s Resolution…Time to get off couch!

  1. Christine S. says:

    I just started the Couch to 5K program two days ago, but I, too, will be taking it very slowly. I’m 31 and finished treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma a few months ago. Running a 5K is also one of my goals for the year, and since I’ve never really been a runner (ever, in any way), I think it might take me quite a few months. I’m looking forward to following your progress…maybe I’ll see you in Baltimore!

    • Kristin says:

      Christine (& Ashley)
      We will have another Cancer to 5K training group starting this summer, we’d love to have you on board, it’s a great way to stay motivated and safe in your training! We are sponsored by Mady & Mules Howard County Physical Therapy and have a great group of volunteers that mentor you along the way! Let us know if you are interested!
      Good luck!

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