Why doesn’t cancer know it is the New Year??

Happy New Year! The New Year brings with it all types of resolutions and changes that we are going to make so that our iives will be better in 2011 than they were in 2010.

We were lucky here in the office – Brock closed the office for the week between Christmas and New Years so that we could all catch our breath and come back rested and resolution filled on Jan 3rd.

What is bugging me is that cancer does not seem to recognize the New Year the same way we do- it just continues into 2011 leaving the same destruction in its wake. I received a call Monday morning from a young woman who lives in New York City. She was crying and distraught that she had been diagnosed with gastrinoma on Dec 26th and has 3 tumors in her intestines. She is a college student in NYC and is trying to keep her life going forward, although cancer is trying to push her backwards.

It made me make the personal resolution that in 2011 I am going to work even harder to help young adults and their families affected by cancer- I might not be able to force cancer to make the resolution to “back off” – but I can make the resolution to push back and to continue working with our awesome staff and volunteers to support young adults. Want to join me??


About Kelly Lance

Service and Events Coordinator
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