Do we really know what is in store for 2011?

Well as we all woke up on January 1st and thought about what we were going to do differently for 2011, it is also important to reflect back on the year and understand better what you did well and what you want to continue to do well.  As I look back at 2010 and look forward to 2011, I am soon realizing that I am not good at the crystal ball prediction thing.  So what I thought I would do is to jot down a quick list about what I would like to see happen in 2011.  Some are personal and some are organizational.  So here goes….

The Satola Family taking in the Holiday's in the Big Apple

  • Help build a strong sustainable team at UCF
  • Be a better Daddy and Husband
  • Learn how to relax a little more.  (the UCF staff will get a kick out of this one)
  • Continue to have fun at work and home (the balance thing)
  • Continue to say thank you whenever possible
  • Run a Marathon
  • Help build Half Full Triathlon to one of the most recognized events in the Region

UCF Team at our 2010 Volunteer Appreciation Event

So, that is the short list for fear I would add about 100 of these.  Part of my trying to relax a bit…….  Without knowing what is in store for 2011, the above should help make 2011 another great year!

My best to everyone for a Happy and Healthy 2011 and THANK YOU to all who have supported me both personally and professionally.


About Brian Satola

Assistant Director Race Director, Half Full Triathlon
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