A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

Last week, Katrina in our office asked all of us to send her one picture that had special meaning to us in connection to our work here at the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  She’s working on a project in the office where we will display all of these pictures as representations of what inspires us and because IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE!  Many of these pictures are of the inspiring, brave and generous PEOPLE we’re blessed to connect with through our work at UCF.

Trying to pick one picture was pretty hard so as I decided to carry-on Katrina’s project to my blog with more pictures.  As I close out 2010 and am kicking off 2011, I’d like to share a few additional photos from this past year that have had a significant impact on me, my work at UCF and my life at large. Enjoy!

UCF Scholarship Winner Aimee Gillis

UCF Columbia Triathlon Association (CTA) Scholarship Winner Aimee Gillis Receiving check from Brock Yetso & Robert Vigorito (CTA President)

UCF Volunteers at Half Full - we wouldn't exist without their help!

Columbia 24 Hours of Booty 2010 Top Fundraisers with Founder Spencer Lueders (far left)

2010 Donation from 24 Hours of Booty to support our work in Patient Navigation - Amazing!

Young Adult Pictures from 2010 Blue Jeans Ball

Elizabeth Saylor (UCF Navigator) with BJ Radhe (Young Adult Cancer Survivor)

A Tribute to "Ironman Dan" at Team Fight luncheon

A Half Full tribute to "Ironman Dan"

UCF Team at 2010 Golf Classic

Inspiration from Half Full Tri Canvas

Andy & Lisa Marshall

Spokes of Hope visit University of MD Cancer Center

Cindi Carter (Spokes of Hope) and Roseann Doughtery (Oncology Nurse at UMGCC) flexing their stuff

Cancer to 5K at Baltimore Running Festival

University of Maryland College Park students getting involved in cancer fight!

Half Full Finishers Podium

Half Full "Mobile" - Thanks to Apple Ford and The Caplan Group for making possible

Half Full 1st Birthday Cake

UCF Team at 2010 Volunteer Appreciation Event

My 2 day old nephew (Hayden Cole Binder) born on December 31, 2010

Julie (my wife) and me celebrating our 2010 Goal of doing Ironman Lake Placid together rocking our Team Fight gear!

Julie (my wife) and me wishing you a HAPPY 2011!

Here’s to building a great legacy….

“You must behave as if your every act, even the smallest, impacted a thousand people for a hundred generations. Because it does.”
– Herr Mueller

Looking forward to sharing another great year with you, changing lives and building a legacy!


About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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