Make a Year End Investment in the Young Adult Cancer Fight

December 30, 2010

Dear Ulman Cancer Fund Supporter:

Thirteen years ago I received a phone call from my best friend with some heavy news – he was diagnosed with cancer.  We were both college sophomores at the time and he expressed to me the struggle he had finding any organizations equipped to help him NAVIGATE his unique journey as a young adult cancer patient.

He attended a support group and was surrounded by older adults. He called major cancer support organizations and very few had programs or resources that were tailored to meet the unique needs he was facing.  Questions related to fertility preservation, challenges around insurance coverage, decisions about exercising during and post-treatment and just “wanting to talk to someone else his age who understood” and could WALK HIM THROUGH THE JOURNEY.

My best friend is Doug Ulman and he is now a three-time cancer survivor that started the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF) out of a dorm room at Brown University in 1997 with YOUR support.  In 1997, Doug and the Ulman family asked many of us to make an investment in the young adult cancer fight by donating our money, time and energy.  I’m proud to report your investment has gone a long way in changing lives!

Thirteen years later and moving into 2011, the mission and core programmatic focus of our organization remains the same.  We work to ensure young adults are not alone when facing cancer and they have the resources necessary to effectively NAVIGATE their cancer journey during all stages of survivorship. 


UCF has made great strides over the past decade in creating programs and partnerships that help fulfill this charge and we need your help in sustaining and growing these efforts in 2011.

Programs & Partnerships like…

As you wrap up 2010 and make your resolutions for the New Year, please consider including the UCF by making a contribution to invest in the important work we have planned for the coming year.  In 2011 we will be continuing and expanding all of these programs and partnerships listed above to reach more young adults and families in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and New York.

Two easy ways to start your New Year off on the right foot and make an investment in the young adult cancer fight….

  1. DONATE: Make a year-end tax-deductible donation before December 31, 2010 to support our2011 CANCER NAVIGATION work with young adult patients and families.

  2. GET MOVING & GET INVOLVED: Help yourself and others by registering for Team Fight. Register to walk, run or do a triathlon in honor of the 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer every year.  Participate in one of our partnered events or an event in your community.  Your efforts will help raise awareness and money to support our CANCER NAVIGATION work while also improving your own health.


Thank you again for your support over the past 13 years and we look forward to investing your donations effectively and efficiently moving into 2011.

UCF is proud to report that in 2009 & 2010, $.89 on every Dollar donated went to support our mission related work.  Your participation and donations enable us to focus on what we do best – helping young adults NAVIGATE their cancer journey.

Happy New Year!
Brock Yetso
Executive Director

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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