What time is it?! College Scholarship Time!!!!


Kayleen Bailey (center) receives scholarship check from UCF Team


Last week the UCF posted its 2011 College Scholarship Application.  This is always an exciting time for me because I truly believe it is one of our unique programs that has a direct correlation to our early beginnings on a college campus. Founded out of a dorm room in 1997 by Doug Ulman, our College Scholarship Program still remains one of the nations leading financial assistance programs for young adults impacted by cancer that are pursuing higher education.

Over the years our program has grown and we’ve met some amazing individuals  and read some moving essays of how cancer has changed the lives these brave men and women.  Despite what many of these young adults are facing, pursuing their educational goals never waivers and we have been able to help over 100 of them fulfill their dreams.

Our College Scholarship Program is a competitive application process with an essay and financial need requirement.   To learn more about the application and requirements, visit http://www.ulmanfund.org/University-Outreach/College-Scholarship-Program.aspx

Below are just a few fun facts about our Scholarship Program and how we’re changing the lives of young adults touched by cancer that want to pursue higher education.

  • The UCF College Scholarship Program is one of the longest standing programs in the organizations 13-Year history awarding in excess of $250,000 to young adults impacted by cancer who are pursuing higher education all across the country.
  • One of the scholarship categories is in memory of my mom (Marilyn Yetso) and it is for young adults who have a parent with cancer and/or have lost a parent to cancer.  This is one of the first programmatic offerings I started here at the UCF after losing my mom to cancer in 2000, and continues to be (unfortunately) one of the fastest growing services.
  • Three of our scholarships are specific to certain schools – University of Virginia generously funded by the Satola Family, University of Maryland generously funded by Martek Biosciences and Howard Community College generously funded by Columbia Triathlon Association.
  • One of our scholarships was founded by HGTV Star, Vern Yip, in memory of his late mother, Vera Yip.  One of the recipients was featured on an episode of Vern’s Deserving Design show.  Click here to check out the episode.
  • Anyone can start a scholarship for as little at $3,000/year.  Contact brock@ulmanfund.org to learn more.

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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