This Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for…

In case my artistic masterpiece is a bit tough to disipher virtually, I shall translate.

HEAD OF TURKEY (The Thumb) The patients and families of  UMGCC, with whom I have laughed, cried, rejoiced, screamed, wondered, and strategized.   You have trusted me to be a guide and advocate at one of the most challenging time in your lives. This Thanksgiving I can only hope I have done half as much for each of you as you have done for me.

FEATHER #1 (The Pointer Finger)
The Teams at UMGCC and UCF, for both pointing me in the right direction, encouraging me to use my education, life experience and gut instinct to do right by the young adults and families I serve AND THEN sometimes beckoning me to come closer, listen to wisdom, and fight this Cancer Beast together.

FEATHER #2 (The Middle Finger)
Health Care Reform, especially provisions that allow young adults to stay on their parents health insurance until age 26. And for all you lobbyists, executives, and misguided politicians I selected this finger just for you ;).

FEATHER #3 (The Ring Finger)
Ah, Survivorship…all the things I could never have done without you and have done because of you!

FEATHER #4 (The Pinkie Finger)
Last but not least, my little guys, Ethan and Liam. Each day you show me new things and ways of seeing the world. Your genuine and unspoiled love of life keeps your mommy going even on the toughest of days.

Wishing all of you readers a wonderful holiday!

About Elizabeth Saylor

Director of Young Adult Patient Navigation
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