My Inspiration

I just came home from the office where we had staff meeting today. As I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that are about to start and the madness of the last minute details planning the Blue Jeans Ball, I thought it would be nice to sit down and reflect on some of the inspiration I have for what I am doing with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

My experience with UCF began about a year ago as I started to notice Team Fight around town at local races. I picked up some literature and information at the Baltimore Running Festival last October and decided I would train for the Iron Girl with Team Fight. I chose to dedicate my training and raise funds in celebration of our dear friend Mike, who is now 2 years cancer free after battling Hodgkin Lymphoma. Along the way I have continued to be inspired by so many people I met through Team Fight and working with UCF.

The most inspirational experience I had was volunteering with the new Cancer to 5K group in Howard County. It really brought home the mission of the UCF and what we are doing through fitness to create awareness about the challenges young adults face when battling cancer, but also to help survivors in their recovery by helping them become or stay fit! Every time I attend one of our luncheons before a race, or any event where there is a slide show, it really brings home the message of “why we fight!”

Here is the link to the slide show from the Team Fight Wrap Up/Kick off for 2011. Try not to cry!

I am proud to be a Team Fight member and proud to be a part of the Ulman Cancer Fund.  I can’t wait to celebrate the 13th year of the organization at the Blue Jeans Ball and honor some amazing people who contribute to the UCF mission. Stay tuned, and stay inspired!

About Kristin Johnson

Runner girl, music, concert, food, travel & movie fanatic. Mom of 2, spouse of 1. Follow me on Twitter! @krisfergie
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2 Responses to My Inspiration

  1. TuTu Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the inspirational comment. I am so happy that you are involved with UCF…we are so looking forward to the Blue Jean Ball and celebration and raising funds for all of the brave young adults UCF represent.

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