“It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year!”

For runners and triathletes, it’s the end of the season!  It’s a time to nurse the injuries, reflect on goals met, (or goals changed), ease up on the dietary restrictions, and to peruse the catalogs, magazines and websites for next year’s events…and gear that you don’t need.

I know that many of you are Team Fighters already, and you are FREAKING OUT to see the REV3 Tri and the NYC marathon on the already CRAZY list of Team Fight events.  Katrina is so awesome, and she has done so much to develop this important program.

Have you thought about bringing the people and experiences from YOUR life to Team Fight?  Team Fight will support you, train you, outfit you, and inspire you to cross your finish lines – but have you thought about bringing your family and friends along for the ride next year?  You should!

This year, at the Half Full (Go Brian, team, and volunteers!) we had a group of 34 family members, friends and athletes gather in honor of my famous friend Holly.  Coming together for the weekend, socializing, sharing her story, remembering her, raising the glasses, and racing for her added to our race in so many ways.  The race became a weekend party for Holly.

As you plan your races for next year, consider celebrating a cancer patient that you know by bringing your family, friends and kids with you.  Invite your friends to do relays, encourage the aspiring athletes that you know to join us. Team Fight is a great place for veteran athletes, and future veteran athletes!  Joining Team Fight, and participating in UCF events will change the way you race – because you are a part of something more important than you, or the race.  You are a part of the fight for life, and the celebration of health, living, and survivorship.

Help us add to the party!

About Jennie Burke

Community Outreach, Anne Arundel County
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