Asking for Help…

This time of year there are so many impassioned pleas from organizations asking for help. We are one of them this year. We are looking for support to make the holidays happier for our young adult patients and families, but this is not what this blog is about.

I often find that people are hesitant to ask for help.  They will tell you over and over that they are “fine”, that they are “managing” that they really are “OK”.  I can’t tell you how many young adult patients and families contact our office to see how they can  give back and to volunteer for the organization, even though they themselves are struggling with a cancer diagnosis.  Once I dig a little deeper, I find out that they themselves could use a little support-they just don’t think that their needs are as important as someone else’s. Another patient is probably far worse off than they are.

On Friday I received a phone call from a patient we have been working with who is in active treatment- 4 days a week of chemo.  She has had a hard time with the chemo and is very nauseous- among many other side affects.  On Friday she was having an unusually good day and she called to see if there was any help we needed here in the office… on her ONE good day!

So my plea to you today, is that if you have a family member or friend struggling with a cancer diagnosis- really ASK them how they are and how you can help.  And if YOU are a cancer patient or a caregiver- please ask for help if you need it. Even if it is just a little help like stringing lights on the outside of your home for the holidays.  Asking for help does not show weakness, it shows STRENGTH in admitting that at this point in your life you need some extra support.  Your time to give back to someone else will come in due time.

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Service and Events Coordinator
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