Break a record and BREAK CANCER!

I left something out of my blog last week from my trip to Austin, TX for the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance Annual Meeting.  One of the really cool initiatives launched at the meeting through the Awareness Taskforce is the BREAK CANCER Awareness Campaign.  Anyone can participate, it’s easy and together we can come together around a unified message.  Special kudos to The Butler Bros for helping brainchild this awareness initiative.  As much as the UCF would like to take full credit for our Half Full Triathlon brand and message, these guys are the secret sauce behind creating that attitude of hope and optimism and I think they’ve hit another home run with BREAK CANCER!

The UCF hasn’t yet broken a record but stay tuned because we have some ideas brewing – just wait until you see what we plan to bring to the BREAK CANCER compilation.

So here are the BREAK CANCER basics…

What is it called? BREAK CANCER

What is it? A record setting bonanza brought to you by the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance.  Raising awareness through world records.

Who is involved? The LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance and it’s 200+ members have partnered with the Universal Record Database to organize and promote this record breaking bonanza to bring awareness to the young adult cancer issue

Where do I learn more and get involved?

What do I have to do to participate?

  1. Choose your record
  2. Document it
  3. Submit it to URDB

To Ten Reasons to get involve?

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s easy
  3. It’s a great team building exercise for your office or team
  4. It’s for a great cause
  5. Who doesn’t love breaking a record!
  6. Who doesn’t love seeing themselves on film and all over the internet
  7. You can make history
  8. You can be a part of the young adult cancer movement – the coolest movement in town
  9. You can break someone else’s record already set – who doesn’t like besting others
  10. 10. You’re doing something to support a cause greater than all of us!

A few of my favorite BREAK CANCER records…

Longest standing ovation for cancer survivors

Most people to shave their heads in solidarity with people battling cancer

Most men to give themselves a testicular self exam in public at once

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UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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