Power of the Purse Rally

Jeanie, Jennie…Tomato, Tamaato.

The -ie in my name really throws people off.  I’m called Jeanie all the time. (My name is Jennie.) It doesn’t bother me…it’s just a name!  I was honored this week when Bonita Pennino of the American Cancer Society introduced me (as Jeanie) to a group of cancer advocates and supporters this week at the state house.  The UCF was invited to speak to the need of the restoration of cancer control funding, which in the past two years has been cut from 19 million dollars to 4.3 million dollars.

(The Center for Disease Control thinks we need at least 63 million – wouldn’t that be awesome?)

Our state was awarded 1 billion dollars, to be alloted over 10 years, in 2000 from the Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement.  Those funds were intended for tobacco use prevention, and cancer control.

Now, I’m not a mathy type – but something about this isn’t sitting right with me.  These facts tempt me with anger, and fill my head with colorful language.

But I won’t say them.  Jeanie doesn’t swear. (But you should hear Jennie!)

Check out the clip below, then contact your local delegate or representative and make some colorful noise.  Contact me at jennie@ulmanfund.org (that’s JENNIE) and I can help you make those contacts.

*The lady to my left in the video is Bonita – she’s dressed as Polyp-Man!

About Jennie Burke

Community Outreach, Anne Arundel County
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1 Response to Power of the Purse Rally

  1. Kristin says:

    You rock! Next time I want to see you at a rally on Capital Hill!

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