Cancer patients and the people that love them know all too well the power of The Call. My friend Holly, who battled Ewing sarcoma, would anxiously wait for return phone calls from her oncologist, in which he would report the results of a latest scan, the availability of a clinical trial, or a new regimen of treatment.  Meanwhile, we, her friends, would wait for our call.  Knowing that Holly would be hearing from her doctor in the morning, we would pace, wait, pray and light candles until our phones would ring, and news worthy of elation, despair, or a place in-between would finally come.

Can you imagine what it would be like to receive a call, as a cancer patient, that there was a bone marrow match for you?  What it would be like, as a “regular Joe (or Josephine)” that your gifted blood was a match for a cancer patient?  How wonderful would either of those calls be?

It is very easy and PAINLESS to get on the bone marrow donation registry.  Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are a friend of the cancer community.  I hope that each of you will consider getting on the registry.  Here’s how to do it – click on the following link, and follow the instructions.

DKMS – Where Leukemia Meets Its Match!

Once you have registered, a packet, including a q-tip swab will be sent to your home.  Swab the inside of your cheek, and send the q-tip back in the envelope provided.  THAT’S IT!  Then you just have to wait for your call, to see when, how, and if you can become someone’s hero.  And that’s a calling that each one of us can respond to.

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Community Outreach, Anne Arundel County
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2 Responses to Calling…You!

  1. Thanks for writing about this. There was no match in the registry for me. Luckily my sister was a half match and I’m 11 months post transplant now. One simple swab can save a life.

  2. Sarah says:

    I just sent in my test kit today after reading your blog! Hopefully I will be a match for someone out there. Thanks for highlighting how quick and easy this is!

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