Blue Jeans Ball 2011

Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there? Nod if you can hear me!

Our Social Networking Guru, aka, Sarah Wanio, created this blog, and gosh darnit, we’re going to be the best non profit organization blog out there! To introduce myself, I started training for the Iron Girl triathlon with Team Fight last December and I joined the staff part time this spring as the Event Coordinator for the Blue Jeans Ball. The Blue Jeans Ball is the Ulman Cancer Fund’s annual awards dinner and gala where we celebrate our anniversary and honor those who help contribute to our mission. This year’s event is taking place on January 29, 2011 and it is sure to be the THE hottest ticket in Howard County!

When Kelly Lance predicted this summer that we would sell out in sponsorships  this year, I had my doubts. I wondered what we would do if we had no tickets to sell for everyone who wanted to come. I had no idea! With less than a week to go before tickets go on sale, we are practically sold out before we can even sell tickets to individuals. I am so overwhelmed by the amount of people who have noticed who the UCF is and how we change lives for young adults and their families who are affected by cancer. Everyone wants to pitch in and get involved. It’s contagious, and it’s a good thing!

The tickets we do have will go on sale on our website at 9:00 am on Monday, November 1st. Mark your calendar and treat it as if it was your favorite band coming to town! We will sell out quickly!

What to do if you can’t get tickets this time… please try to join us at our Screw Cancer event, another function that is geared toward young adults and will take place in spring 2011 (plus, it’s cheaper!). You can get on our waiting list, where we will release tickets, should they become available.  You could also find out who bought tables and start explaining to them whey you deserve to buy one of their tickets 🙂

It’s amazing to me the wonderful support we have from our community and I feel very honored to be a small part of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults! Cancer changes lives… and so do WE!

About Kristin Johnson

Runner girl, music, concert, food, travel & movie fanatic. Mom of 2, spouse of 1. Follow me on Twitter! @krisfergie
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2 Responses to Blue Jeans Ball 2011

  1. TuTu Carolyn says:

    Love your blog..can’t wait to attend the ball to support this awesome fund raiser!!

  2. TuTu Carolyn says:

    your blog is great..your Utah friends/family are looking forward to supporting this awesome fund raiser!!

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