Mission Monday

The blog where you get to know more about me…

Hello to everyone!  Over the past couple of months there has been a lot of conversations within the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF) that we have a lot of great stuff going on, tons of great people involved, but we’re just not doing a good job of sharing it with the world.   And so here I am, ready to SHARE!  Every Monday as Executive Director of UCF I will be posting a blog called Mission Monday.  Pretty fitting that my first of these is at 5:18 PM on Monday – better late than never!  For those of you that know me already, this may be a recurring theme but I’ll try to do my best to post early on Monday and keep you updated on the exciting happenings at UCF and how you’re helping us change lives!

Our blog is one of many tools we’ll be rolling out in the coming months to better share with the world the amazing people and places we are fortunate enough to meet and go as we help young adults and families face cancer.  You will get to hear from me along with the wonderful other voices of the UCF team every week about what’s going on in our office, the cancer center, training events, support groups, happy hours or just the latest and greatest in our own personal worlds.  It is our hope to SHARE our lives with you as we work together to fight cancer.

For my blog today, I’m going to keep in short, sweet (and bulleted because who doesn’t love reading things in bullets) and about me.  We have a saying in our office that it’s about people and I’ll take a stab at telling you more about me – the good, bad and interesting.  Enjoy and I look forward to talking to you next Monday!

  • I was born and raised in Howard County, MD
  • I live in the wonderful 4 x 4 block neighborhood of Butchers Hill in Baltimore City but probably still spend 75% of my time in Howard County working, running or cycling
  • I’m one of 5 Yetso kids roaming the Howard County/Maryland area
  • I was a High School All America Soccer Player & played soccer at University of Virginia
  • I played pro soccer right out of college and also managed an Abercrombie & Fitch store prior to becoming UCF Executive Director
  • I got involved with UCF as volunteer after having a best friend with cancer in 1996 (Doug Ulman) and then lost my mom to cancer in 2000
  • I’m married to my lovely wife (and sorta childhood sweetheart – we knew each other as kids if that counts) Julie and we’re parents to a 4 year old, 19 lb Boston Terrier named Kona
  • I’m habitually late but working on it:)
  • My hobbies include: triathlon (a couple ironmans under my belt), taking pictures, playing with my nieces, tasting good wine and beer, starting good books but never finishing and traveling lots
  • My favorite meal is potato chip chicken my mom used to make and now just about the only meal I can competently cook
  • I don’t have the best grammar so I apologize for all the typos in this blog

About Brock Yetso

UCF Executive Director and generally a nice guy.
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