Personalize, Support, Educate, Connect!

As an aspiring social media guru and an online evangelist of the mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF), I was incredibly excited when I was charged with the task of taking our online communities to the next level. Immediately I recognized our blog needed to transition to WordPress. This platform offers a freedom of possibility that others don’t; the ability to pre-post a blog to publish in the future, recorded metrics, and many theme possibilities. WordPress might even push me to learn a little more CSS and HTML, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for years.

I sat down with fingers itching, ready to make this blog something incredible. But, I was met with a blank mind. What had I heard about blogging in my social media conferences? My only personal blogging experience was with LiveJournal at 16 years old. This resume, long as it is, would not suffice! I knew I needed to build a brand, participate in conversation, and emphasize what makes us unique. The thoughts popped into my head and still I was unsure how to meld my voice with THE voice of the UCF. Where to go from here, I thought. I looked to others who have strong blogs that I read. Volunteer Maryland, LiveSTRONG, Nonprofit Tech 2.0 and a couple of others (that may or may not have included Texts From Last Night). About a month was spent on research and finally WordPress suggested I follow a few simple steps to elevate my blog from zero to hero! Here is the first exercise I did:

A Picaso

The drawing (of sophomoric proportions) represents my goals for this blog. I aim to personalize the office staff, including myself. I already admitted I read Texts From Last Night! I also expect to further our mission with the blog. Supporting, educating and connecting young adults with cancer and their loved ones. I’m incredibly pleased with the progress that the blog has made (before you were even able to see it!) and I look forward to watching the blog grow. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventure (let’s see if I ever really learn better basic HTML) and also reading about the trials and tribulations of the UCF office.

Until the next time…

About The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.
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1 Response to Personalize, Support, Educate, Connect!

  1. Angela says:

    Great job, Sarah! Look forward to reading the blog!

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